Accueil Research activity Water and sediments
Water and sediments

GéoSciences Réunion is strongly involved in the characterization and quantification of both water and sedimentary transfers in volcanic island setting.


Acoustic backscatter images of southwestern part of La Réunion gathered during recent cruises FOREVER and ERODER.

Geophysical data set off La Réunion Island (western Indian Ocean) reveals a large volcaniclastic submarine fan developing in an open-ocean setting. The fan is connected to a torrential river that floods during tropical cyclones. Sediment storage at the coast is limited, suggesting that the sediments are carried directly to the basin. The fan morphology and tur- bidites in cores lead us to classify it as a sand-rich system mainly fed by hyperpycnal flows. A: Close-up of La Rivière Saint-Etienne valleys. . Abbreviations: dad—debris avalanche deposits; dsf—deep-sea fan; vr—volcanic ridges.

Sain-Ange et al. (2011)


Outflow distribution model and field observation. Dot: identified springs (size is proportional to discharge); shaded arrows: computed outflow (size and shade proportional to discharge); black arrows: infrared traces of marine springs.

Join et al. (2005)


 Staff involved: Patrick Bachèlery, Anli Bourhane, Jean-Lambert Join, Julie Lezé, Emmanuelle Sisavath.